Sebay Surf Central

Sebay Surf Central offers affordable rates to learn and enjoy surfing. Here is a list of the surfing lessons and rental fees:

Surfing Lessons

– Php 400/hour
– (Php 200 for the board + Php 200 for the instructor)

Surfboard Rentals

– Surfboards/Longboards: Php 200/hour
– Half day: Php 500
– Whole day: Php 800


– Kayak (two-seater): Php 400/hour
– Kayak (one-seater): Php 300/hour
– Frisbee: Php100/hour
– Volleyball: Php100/hour
– Boogyboard: Php100/hour
– Skimboard: Php100/hour

Surf Central. This is definitely Sebay’s vision and what it aims to accomplish – to the utter delight of its guests. Being one of the pioneer developers of this tourist attraction up north, Sebay proves that surfing is definitely the first to get a big check mark on your adventure bucket list.

Once you set your feet on the cool and fine shoreline, simply enjoying the view of the ocean will never be enough. You’ll find yourself quickly giving in to the temptation and rushing towards the playful waves. Call it love at first sight… or love at first ride!

These waters have been witness to the numerous  guests who fell in love with this exhilarating activity. Locals, foreign guests, celebs, kids, once kids, kids at heart, lone travellers, group of backpackers, adventure enthusiasts, dudes, ladies, seeking boredom busters, gym buffs looking into something different to do, someone who is trying to be one with nature and finding the profound meaning of life, or someone who just happens to be here at the right place and at the right time, and a whole lot more —  ANYONE can have the pleasure of riding the waves and getting embraced by the cool waters of the China Sea as one redefines the words FUN and THRILL!

Think you’re not fit to do it? Never worry because Sebay’s priority is to provide quality surfing lessons that will not fail the guests. Sebay does its job of offering varied surfing lessons that cater to the individual needs of those who want to engage in this activity and makes sure that your only concern would be to learn and have fun!