Sebay Surf Central offers affordable rates to learn and enjoy surfing. Here is a list of the surfing lessons and rental fees:

Surfing Lessons

– Php 400/hour
– (Php 200 for the board + Php 200 for the instructor)

Surfboard Rentals

– Surfboards/Longboards: Php 200/hour
– Half day: Php 500
– Whole day: Php 800


– Kayak (two-seater): Php 400/hour
– Kayak (one-seater): Php 300/hour
– Frisbee: Php100/hour
– Volleyball: Php100/hour
– Boogyboard: Php100/hour
– Skimboard: Php100/hour

Perfectly situated in what is dubbed as the surfing capital of the North, Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union is home to surfers who come from all over the country and the world. Surfers get to enjoy 6-7 months of ultimate surfing experience that begin in October and end in April. Sebay always gets the front seat view to the various tournaments and competitions throughout the year.

With extensive views of lush greens on one side and cool sparkling waters on the other, Sebay’s prime location brings together nature’s elements and the people’s high spirits to create one premier surfing experience.

Sebay Surf Central is great for both beginner and pro surfers. The resort provides that complete surfing experience. Surf lessons are available at any time of convenience and are budget-friendly.

The Sebay Surf School take care of the surf lessons. Our team of professional surf instructors teach the basics of the sport to beginners.  This team of experienced surfers  is composed of locals in Sebay who share the same passion for this sport and are very much willing to inspire more people to appreciate and love surfing.  With their expertise and, the team can teach beginners the basics in just one hour in a safe and fun way. Eventually, more and more people fall in love with this sport and never fail to come back in San Juan to be one with the waves over and over.