Along with the honeypot of natural attractions, game and recreation centers, and fun-loving people that Sebay is known for, it also offers an impressive venue for your events needs.

Sebay is your go-to destination for meetings, conferences, parties, weddings, and many more. Whether it’s a business with pleasure affair or a quiet and relaxed getaway that you are looking for, Sebay can cater to your specific needs.

The resort is spacious enough for any event you may be having. It has also the amenities you want. Room accommodations, catering services, use of game and entertainment equipment, function hall, a seaside restaurant and great staff service.

Sebay’s venue is also very accessible and has modern facilities. It is flexible enough to accommodate whatever special details you may require in your events needs. It’s a great venue for small groups or large gatherings looking for an oceanfront setting.

Contact Sebay now for more details and plan your event closely with its very friendly and accommodating staff.