Take snapshots of your memories

Feel like getting your hands off your cam for a little while but still like to tease the camera to take your pictures?

Camera’s battery is dying but still feel like the glow in your face and the radiance of your smile deserve one, two, lots of beautiful shots?

Tired of being the paparazzi of your group and want to be in the picture as well?

If you say ‘Yes’ to these, then you can just strike a pose at Sebay’s Photo Booth. It features various backdrops and themes to choose from. Cute and unique hand props, wigs, eyewear and many more are also available to enhance your photo booth experience.

Go ahead. Go nerdy or dorky, serious or funny, glam and chic, cute and fun. Be beautiful and handsome. Show your positive mood and flash that radiant smile! Get as many shots as you want. Make sure your best moments are captured and frozen in the lovely prints of your photos that you’re going to get immediately. Yeah, no more waiting too much time to have your photos printed as the photo booth can process your pictures in no time!