Pamper yourself and calm your spirit with Sebay’s massage services

You can exhaust yourself with all the surfing that you can do, all the touring around the area that you can take, or all the swimming, playing or just frolicking in the sun that you can get. And when you feel like you’ve used up all your hype and must calm your nerves and rejuvenate to take on the next adventure on your bucket list, avail of Sebay’s Massage services.

For all the energy you’ve used up quite so well while enjoying your vacation here.

Go on alone or go with friends and family and avail of that sweet relaxation you deserve. With its staff of certified therapists, let Sebay  pamper you in the most delicate and calming way. Sebay offers a selection of massage, body scrub, exfoliation, stretching and whitening. Here is a list of the massage services you can avail:

Full Body Massage: Php 500

Massage with Ventossa: Php 550

Back Massage:  Php 400

Deep Tissue Massage: Php 550

Foot and Hand Massage: Php 400

Body Scrub Buffing: Php 700

Body Scrub Exfoliation: Php 700

Body Bleaching/Whitening: Php 700

Active Isolated Stretching: Php 700