Set an extraordinary goal for your next event. Strategically situated in an accessible area but fit enough to make you feel like you’re on a faraway island frolicking  in the sun or simply enjoying the feeling of seclusion, Sebay offers catering services for all events.  Be it a grand reunion, a simple occasion, meetings, weddings, birthdays, corporate events, parties… you name it. Sebay is prepared to take on the challenge and have the pleasure of making your day extraordinary.

The ease and convenience of bringing your guests here, the ample accommodation and the breathtaking coastline and ocean view are enough to make you plan your big day with Sebay. What’s more: guests can be treated to an array of delectable cuisine and refreshments and drinks. Sebay also coordinates closely with you to make sure your events needs are taken care of well.

Trust Sebay to give you a picture-perfect celebration by bringing your big events to the next level with its high-quality facilities, ideal venue, and impeccable service.  With the special offerings and comfort you and your family, friends or colleagues can avail of, you’ll surely make long-lasting memories in Sebay and hopefully plan your future big events here as well.