Receptions are sometimes the best part of any event. Great food, fine drinks, lively conversations and fun entertainment are the surest way to engage guests and give them one unforgettable experience.

Trust Sebay to make your reception exactly as how you want it to be. Sebay guarantees to meet with you and be with your every step of the way – from planning stage up to your big day – and makes sure you would love to come back for more. Sebay communicates closely with you to ensure a proper and stress-free execution of your dream reception.

Sebay can work closely with you for the following important planning details, and a whole lot more

_MG_9536Pick your date. Sebay will mark your schedule.
Decide where you would want to have your reception – inside the function hall, at the seaside restaurant, or under the cute little huts – you get to decide.
Sebay also considers your budget and tailors its facilities and amenities to fit your needs.
You also get to decide the type of reception you like. Whether you want it to be formal with seated guests, or you want your guests to be up and dancing and carelessly having fun!

Sebay also adjusts reception area for your number of guests.sebay_reception2
List all the food and drinks you wish for you and your guests to savour and let Sebay’s catering services prepare them all for you.
You can do your arrangement of your decors, props and other events essentials, or you can have the accommodating staff of Sebay arrange them all for you.

Whatever your reception wishes are, Sebay is at your services and guarantees to make your event an unforgettable experience.