Come to Sebay and witness firsthand the famous activities that happen right here at the heart of the surfing capital of the North. Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union is one of the more popular hangouts of people who just loves the contrasting elements of exciting and tranquil as they get a taste of the surfer’s lifestyle in this humble town.

Sebay Surf Central is perfectly situated in San Juan, La Union where surfers enjoy awesome 6-7 months of great waves  from October to April. Lots of different tourneys are held right at Sebay’s shore. These events make this the place to be when you look for exhilarating activities to indulge in. Sebay also offers game and entertainment facilities and equipment to give variety to your thrill sports cravings. 

If you’re the kind who gets passionate about little wonders, you might just find yourself falling in love with just staring at the whole expanse of the beach and the sea.  The South China Sea has been a steady and generous natural wonder to the people of La Union. Tourists come here often to relax and unwind and just make at peace with nature. You know you’re hooked with the sea when you feel utter bliss just by sweeping your eyes over the massive body of water and enjoying the lovely hues that form in the sky as it lightens up, or as the sun sets in the horizon. Feeling the gentle breeze ruffle your hair as you bore your feet into the cool sand is simply calming. And knowing that the people around you shares the same good thoughts with you is just lovely.

If you are searching for such peace or are looking for some thrilling adventure, well, let Sebay surprise you!