RHODA (Rooms)

Standard air-conditioned room that offers the basic needs for any walk in guests. It includes an air-conditioning unit, TV with cable connection, comfort room and beds. Guests enjoy free use of Wi-Fi, billiards, Frisbee, volleyball, soccer, football and chess.

REGINA (Cottage)

The Regina rooms are modern designed rooms located at a native inspired cottage. It is only a few steps away from the beach. Find comfort and relaxation with your family and friends.

RAISSA (Barkada & Base)

Bunk with friends and family with the modern rooms. The simple but sleek interior gives a feeling of relaxation while you’re holed up in your accommodation. The rooms as well offer the comfort you seek with its modern amenities.


Be at peace and de-stress while you stay at the Yda rooms. The rooms offer a modern structure and fine all-white interior walls. Surely, you will find yourself sensing calm and serenity at once with the minimalist but modern take at room interior. It is spacious and can accommodate groups namely big families or group of friends.

RAIZEL (Deluxe)